A Unique Walking Tour with Serif Yenen: Underground and Secret Istanbul (What Lies Beneath)
Istanbul, as the capital of three great empires – the Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman – has a very diverse and rich history. As one of the most unique cities in the world, we are privileged to live or visit here and have much to discover.
But over the centuries, sometimes out of ignorance or lack of appreciation, sometimes in haste or to meet urgent needs, newer buildings have been built over older ones. Today, as we go back and investigate more, and in the course of recent construction projects, new discoveries are being made constantly, and long-lost traces of previous occupants of the city are being uncovered. History is being re-written.
This tour will surprise even long-time residents of Istanbul with many unknown and unexpected ruins beneath the city. In the company of Serif Yenen, you can experience the feeling of discovery and privilege of seeing many artefacts, which millions of people living here ‘above ground’ are unfamiliar with.
The program will include visits to several cisterns, churches, palace ruins, some sub-structures, storage rooms and vaulted rooms. Some of the places visited will be the places, which are normally not open to the public.
Come join us to discover what lies beneath Istanbul.
Program summary (Selections from the program):
The tour will start from Sultanahmet and end in Laleli – details to be provided to registrants later.
Orientation to the Byzantine and Ottoman centre from a terrace
Ruins of the Byzantine Great Palace
Panagia Hodegetria Church and Sacred Water
Nakkas Cistern
Lunch at a restaurant (lokanta) with good local food
Hans around the Constantine Forum
With additional surprise visits depending on availability
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Discover what lies beneath Istanbul.
Go beyond the regular and become true travelers.
Visit off the beaten path and discover unknown places in the Old City
This tour will surprise even long-time residents of Istanbul with many unknown and unexpected ruins beneath the city. Learn about all these places from Serif Yenen. Serif is the author of one of the best cultural guidebooks of Turkey; “Turkish Odyssey”, and he wrote many other books and made films. Lunch break will be at a very good casual local restaurant with traditional food Catch picturesque instants with your camera.
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